2011 Annual report

Welcome to the world of our customers, where Wolters Kluwer creates value through expertise, innovation, and leadership.

Reichstag, home of the Bundestag; Berlin, Germany
Wolter Kluwer Office, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands
Business Centre, Shopping Mall, Shanghai, China
Nikkei, Tokyo, Japan
Dealing room of large financial institution, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Frankfurt Book Fare

Information-Rich World

The world of our professional customers is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Regulatory and compliance complexity and increased focus on productivity and new technologies.

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Professionals need to anticipate and respond to game-changing trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Open Trends in Expertise

Senior technology expert chats with 15-year old about developing apps.

Open The App Maker

In an ever-increasing environment of regulations and compliance, it is important for our customers to get it right.

Open Get It Right

We share our knowledge and expertise in many ways and support our neighborhoods around the world.

Open In Our Neighborhood

Through our sales reps’ contacts with customers, we learn a lot about the trends in each of our businesses and regions.

Open A Day in the Life


Our leading solutions were recognized by many different awards over 2011.

Open Leading Awards

Our customers tell us that what we do matters to them.

Open You Tell Us, We Listen

We offer our customers opportunities to connect and learn about trends, technologies, and best practices.

Open Top Notch for the Professional

There are opportunities to extract value from the massive amounts of data generated as a by-product of providing professional services.

Open Big Data

Each one of our employees and partners has their own story that connects them to the history of Wolters Kluwer.

Open Once Upon a Time

2011 marked the successful completion of the four-year Springboard program, delivering great results.

Open 145 Projects


Insights delivered by Wolters Kluwer at work, at home, or on-the-go.

Open Mobile Innovation

Innovation Tournaments are a great tool to stimulate new ideas across the company and to engage each and every employee.

Open Taking It to the Next Level

The introduction of new technologies drives change in all professions and the law is no exception.

Open The Courtroom of Tomorrow

There are many different ways of incorporating customer needs into the development efforts of our products.

Open The Voice of the Customer

The opportunities and challenges of delivering quality patient and healthcare for the largest population on earth.

Open Improving Patient Care

Engaging employees in innovation is necessary to build the right culture that supports successful product development.

Open Engaging Ideas
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