Connecting the Dots

by John Barker

Innovation is at the heart of our work at Wolters Kluwer. We foster innovation in many different ways. You can read more about that in different chapters of this Annual Report. In this blog post John Barker, one of our senior innovation and technology experts, shares his views on some exciting aspects of innovation at the company.

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On: #3 Innovation
John Barker (portrait)

John Barker is Vice President of Strategy & Competitive Intelligence in Wolters Kluwer’s Global Platform Organization. Two years ago, John launched a series of webinars for his colleagues which developed into a very successful peer-to-peer discussion platform within our company on the latest developments in the industry. Participants hear from experts and examine innovations that truly matter to customers. You can read more from John on our Intelligent Solutions blog.

Hybrid content-software solutions

Hybrid content-software solutions support integrated, digital workflows. In the Intelligent Solutions blog post “New Workflows in Hybrid Content-Software Solutions for Professionals,” John describes this in more detail, using tax preparation software as an example.

Find the shortest route to an answer

A value-added service in many public search engines has been auto-complete, helping users find the shortest route to an answer. Read more about some best practices from the professional world in John’s blog post “Auto-Complete and Pre-Search Suggested Searches for Searchers.

Innovation programs and awards

One of the innovation programs and awards at Wolters Kluwer is an Innovation Tournament to stimulate new ideas that lots of people have in the company. Read more at Taking It to the Next Level.